Online Bingo

It will not have escaped your notice that there have been some huge bingo jackpot winners over the years, and you may hope you can add your name to that list of winners. Well, the only way that you are going to be able to do so is by signing up and playing bingo online at a site that has lots of high paying bingo games on offer!

However, you may think that playing bingo online is going to cost you a lot of money, however nothing could be further than the truth for you are going to find free bingo games offering cash prizes and plenty of low stake bingo games on which you can buy tickets from as little as just one cent or one penny per game!gambling commission

With that in mind we invite you to read through the following guide to playing bingo online, for we will let you know where you can play bingo online and just what type of online bingo games can be played instantly on any type of computer or laptop!

Selecting a Bingo Site

There are certainly no shortages of bingo sites that you are going to be able to sign up to and play at, however much like everything else in life there are both good and bad sites out there and you should make something of a concerted effort to pick out the ones that will be offering you everything you will need as a player.

One way that you will always be assured of accessing and playing fair and completely random bingo games is by only ever signing up to and playing at licensed bingo sites, so keep your eyes peeled for the Gibraltar Gaming Commission logo and seal of approval on any bingo sites websites you visit. That will ensure you are playing at a licensed and regulated bingo site and one you can trust.

Online Bingo Games

You can find plenty of different ways to fund an online bingo site account, on way is by using PaySafeCard Vouchers which you can buy in cash from local stores. You are not required to pay any additional fees or charge when buying those vouchers so they are a very low cost bingo site deposit option to consider using.

Free Bingo Games – You will always have the ability of playing bingo online even if you have no spare cash to do so, and the way in which you can do just that is by logging into your favourite bingo site and looking through their schedule of games and looking or the daily free play games which will be held at various times of the day or night.

90 Ball Bingo Games – There are going to be lots of different bingo games you can access and play online. However for some much longer bingo playing sessions we would like you to consider playing the 90 ball bingo game. The main and obvious attraction of this particular bingo game is that every game you play will see you having not one but three chance of winning a cash prize!

Progressive Bingo Games – The progressive jackpot games are going to give every single player the chance of making their dreams come true by winning a massive cash jackpot. Look out for the progressive jackpot games being held throughout the day or night at all bingo sites and make sure you buy a few tickets in each of them as you never know when Lady Luck will flip you a smile.

75 Ball Bingo Games – If you do want to play some quite fun to play bingo games then add the 75 ball bingo games to you list of games to track down and play. As these types of bingo games are being played for lots of different patterns you can have some added enjoyment and additional winning opportunities if you track them down and play them.

Penny Bingo Games – Penny bingo games are some of the most played bingo games online, for due to the very low ticket prices, even if you only have a small amount of cash to play bingo with you are going to be able to get plenty of tickets for the minimal of cost, and all online bingo sites will be offering these types of games nonstop throughout the day and night!

Genie Jackpots Online Slot Review

It can often be difficult to find an online progressive jackpot awarding slot game that you will find affordable to play. However, we have found one slot game which comes packed with bonus features and offers not one but several progressive jackpots and is both a low and high stake slot game!

That slot is the Genie Jackpots online slot which has been designed and released by Blueprint Gaming. This slot offers players the ability of playing 20 pay lines per spin with stakes which vary in value from just 0.02 up to high rolling 500.00 per spin.genie jackpots logo

If you do enjoy nothing more than playing action packed slots offering regularly triggering bonus games, then read on for there really is a lot to like about this casino slot and everything it has to offer players!

Bonus Games and Jackpots

Once you have chosen your stake level and have sent the reels spinning you simply need to spin in a matching set of reel symbols from left to right on the slot game screen on any of your activated pay lines to win the respective cash prize as displayed on the pay table of this slot.

However, the following bonus features can also be awarded as you are playing off any one single base game spin.genie jackpots nice win

Mystery Win Bonus Game – The Mystery Win Bonus game which as the name suggests is going to award you win a randomly selected cash prize once triggered is only trigger when you spin in a Bonus symbols on the first and third reels along with a Chest reel symbol on the last reel.

You will continue to win prizes by picking off Lamps from the bonus screen until you reveal a collect symbol and when you do the bonus game ends there and then!

Magic Carpet Bonus – Those bonus symbols on reels one and three are also part of the way the Magic Carpet Bonus game is triggered too, for when they spin in on reels one and three along with a Caret symbol on the last reels that second bonus game is then awarded to you.magic carpet bonus

You are going to be tasked with picking off Lamps from the bonus screen in the hope numbers are revealed that help you work your way along a cash trail, the further you manage to get on that trail the more cash you will be awarded with.

Power Spins Bonus Game – To win one of the progressive jackpots of which there are five waiting to be won on this slot game you need to see the Genie appear from the Lamp located on the slot game screen as you are playing off any paid for spin of the reels.

As soon as the Genie does appear you are then going to be able to play off the 3 Wishes Power Spins feature. This is a bonus game which could awarded you with one of the progressive jackpots or will see a base game feature being triggered such as extra wild multiplier symbols being added to the reels.

Winning at the Iconic Fluffy Favourites Casino Slot

We have put together this review of the Fluffy Favourites slot game as it is one of the most played and often one of the very highest paying bingo slot games.

If you are looking for a plethora or additional information regarding the Fluffy Favourites slot and also fancy picking up some high valued bonuses to play it with then check this outfluffy favourites characters

There are no special tips for playing grabbing machines when you choose to play this slot game which has such a bonus game attached, as unlike those grabbing machines which are designed to only grab a toy or at least but the claw at full strength when a certain amount of coins have been played through the machine this slot games bonus game will always pick one up.

Fluffy Favourites Stakes and Payouts

The first piece of information you will need to know about any bingo slot game is just how it has been designed. The Fluffy Favourites slot boasts 25 optional paylines and no matter how many of those paylines you choose to put into live play you will always have a range of different staking options available to you.

The lowest coin value setting you can select is one penny, and that means this slot is not going to break your bank if you choose to give it a try! fluffy favourites slot game

You will only ever want to play slot games which are going to give you more than a fair chance of winning when you give them a whirl. As the Fluffy Favourites slot has a certified payout percentage of 95.38% you will always have a reasonable chance of ending your slot playing session on this slot in profit!

The Hippo symbol is going to be the one reel symbol that you will be hopping spins in a lot when you play this slot game, for if you ever get all five of them spinning in one any activated payline you will win 5000 coins.

However, if you spin in four of those reel symbols and mange to also get one of the Elephant reel symbols alongside those four symbols the value of the jackpot is doubled. That is due to the Elephant symbol being a wild multiplier symbol that doubles all winning combinations that it helps to complete!

Bonus Games

There are three bonus games which you can trigger when paying the Fluffy Favourites slot game. The first one is a set of free spins, however the number of free spins you will be awarded with will be determined by just how many of the scatter symbols you have spun in.

The Elephant symbols which are also wild symbols double up as this slot games scatter symbols, and when three of them appear in view along with any winning combinations they help to form you will be awarded with 15 free spins.

The number of free spins you will end up playing off increases to 20 free spins when 4 of the elephant symbols have been spun in and you will end up playing off 25 free spins for 5 elephant symbols spinning in anywhere in view.

There is always going to be the chance you can spin in some high paying winning combinations whenever you set the five video reels of this slot game spinning.

However, if you spin in some low valued ones you may wish to try and increase their values and if so then all you need to do is to click on the gamble button. As soon as you do you have to correctly predict the colour of the next card to double the value of your winning payout or guess the suit to boost that winning payout by four times it pay table listed payout amount!

There are another set of scatter symbols which you can spin in when playing his slot game online and those are the Claw symbols. You will be hoping that at least three of those symbols get spun in for when they do another bonus game will be awarded to you.

This bonus game is a cuddly toy grabbing game on which a crane will move across a bed of cuddly toys and will select one to lift up. As it is lifted up in the air it will then explode and reveal a multiplier value which is then multiplied by the base game wagered amount on the bonus game triggering base game spin and will be awarded to you as your bonus game winning payout.

Can The Bingo Online Number Generator Be Rigged?

There are so many people who love to play bingo online but most of them are also particular about the security and reliability of the bingo online number generator. This is one of the major areas where online sites should constantly look into to keep the bingo online reliable and trustworthy.

Most of the bingo online sites are giving assurance to the players that since Bingo is the bread and butter of their businesses, they ensure that the bingo online number generators are sealed and follow the regulations set by law. However, the most common question is: Can these generators be rigged?

First, the bingo online is not working through a rotating cage that’s filled with balls. They are played using a random number generator, this means that the generator does what it is supposed to do, it randomly generates numbers. It uses a computer program which is designed to take numbers that comes in sets and in Bingo, it takes sets of letters and numbers and they are picked at random. As a result, if the letter and number combination is called during the bingo online game, it is done by chance and not through manipulation like a squirrely or weighted ball scheme.

Second, the real life bingo game has a possibility that can be rigged by using balls that have weights and they call this Bingo caller. The balls are ditched before they are called and the caller can simply pick the letter and number combination. Also, this can happen if the Bingo caller has a favorite player or players in the crowd. He can call the numbers they require through secret hand signals and the worst scenario is when a player shouts Bingo even if his card is not yet fully filled. This happens and the caller validates the card by agreeing a certain percentage of the prize. These scenarios may seem absurd but they happen in real life bingo game.

Finally, these things may happen in real life bingo but with bingo online games, the online sites assure the players that the numbers are mechanically picked and work legally.

Online Bingo Regulators

Even if online bingo has grown tremendously, there are still issues about its security and safety. Is there an online bingo regulator that assures the public of online sites reliability? In case the player wins, will he receive the guaranteed winnings? These are some of the valid questions that are commonly asked when people talk about online bingo.

Before, people can only play bingo in restaurants, clubs, parties and other occasions. This is the traditional way of playing bingo, where players must be physically present in the same venue. The players pay directly to the club and felt safe and if they win any prize or the jackpot, they know that they can claim their winnings right at the moment.

When bingo online started, so many players are wary about the new method. To answer the clamor of the players, the online bingo sites hired a third party company whom they have no connections to provide a secure and safe playing environment. These online bingo sites assured the players that the letter and number combinations are correctly called without any manipulation and the winnings are paid out.

Throughout the years, there are license providers established to regulate the growing online bingo sites and to ensure that they provide security and fairness. The major licensing agencies responsible to regulate online bingo in the UK are the following:

These agencies wherever they are based around the UK are all authorized under the UK Gambling Commission which was enacted in the 2005 Gambling Act. aldreny gambling controlThis agency is responsible to regulate these agencies and enforce the law. Also, they are responsible to oversee various operations and make sure that the games are played fair, the players must be at least eighteen years old, the information of the players are protected and the operators of the bingo online sites are financially secure.

For those playing online bingo in the UK, you can be assured that the operating bingo online sites are legitimate and have undergone series of tests to ensure that they are capable of providing a fair and safe playing environment for all their players.

A Little Taste of Online Casinos

Bingo and slots have been around for ages. It is said to originate from France and then later adapted by other countries. Bingo is a famous game played at home and in hotels, clubs, cruise ships, as well as in casinos. Slot games, on the other hand, are another kind of game of chance where you bet for combinations from the choices in a machine. These games are mostly enjoyed not just by adults but by youngsters as well.

Because of the wide range of audience of these games, developers have come up with online bingo and slots to make them accessible to anyone without leaving the comfort of their homes. With online bingo and slots, you can play anytime and anywhere just as long as you have a computer and an internet.

The United Kingdom has the most online bingo and slots. You can start playing UK online casino and slots by registering online. Upon registering, you will be required to provide your personal information with your valid e-mail address. This is important because in case you will forget your login details, you can request to send it to your email to retrieve it. Before you can start playing, you have to have funds, which will be used to buy bingo tickets or bets for slots. To have funds, you have to purchase these using your major credit card or debit card or electronic payment service like PayPal or Neteller. This will then be deposited in your virtual account. If you win, your cash prizes will be credited directly to your virtual account. The funds accumulated from your account will be good as cash as soon as you request to withdraw your funds. This will be deposited in your real bank account or your electronic payment service account.

There is not much difference really if you play the real game versus the virtual game. Here are some of the advantages of playing UK online bingo and slots:

  • You will experience no hassle in going around the town to go to casinos or clubs.
  • You can play even when you’re at home and never have to be away.
  • You win cash prizes just like you’re in a real game.
  • Your money is safely deposited right to your virtual account
  • You get to meet lots of people via the chat rooms where you can chat with other players too.
  • You can keep on playing as long as you don’t run out of funds.

These are just some of the advantages of playing UK online casino and slots. Register now and enjoy the experience and fun of playing UK online bingo and slots.

Online Bingo Free Download Games

Today, more and more people are playing online bingo games. What is more fascinating is that there are countless of free downloadable bingo games that every player can enjoy. These bingo online free download games can be seen in the bingo games sites featured below. These are:


Binglotto is one of the bingo online sites that provides free downloadable bingo games and free bingo tournaments that starts from Monday to Thursday. If your luck strikes during the bingo tournaments, you will receive 25 Bingo Lotto Bucks, they can be used to pay the Bingolotto sides. Also, the Freeside Manager Filly randomly pops in so that the players will have more chances to avail of the Bingo Lotto Bucks. The free online games at Binglotto can be downloaded and played round-the-clock at every player’s convenience. There are free bingo games that you can sign up daily, each person must only have a single account and other family members can play by signing up using their personal accounts.


Gamesville offers free downloadable bingo games and free bingo games that you can play online with hard and cold cash prizes. Also, they offer The Bingo Zone that comes with two bingo rooms for free to give additional fun for players. The players can collect rewards and exchange them for raffle tickets to win more prizes.gamesville logo The bingo online games at Gamesville are timed and every time a player wins a bingo, he will directly enjoy the rewards. If you want to win more rewards, you can play the gold bingo balls that are available every after free bingo game.

To The Games

This online bingo site offers five various styles of their free bingo games. The free bingo games are the following:

  • Free classic bingo that has available four free game rooms;
  • Free bingo 90, a twist of the classic bingo that comes with two free game rooms;
  • Spingo bingo games come with six free game rooms;
  • Lingtening spingo has six free game rooms and a faster paced bingo game than the classic spingo game.

These are the bingo online free download games that these bingo online sites feature.